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Exchange Rate Home >> Currency Exchange Rates >> Dec 06, 2017

Currency Rates Per 1.00 US Dollar ?
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  • CountryCurrencyISO12/05/1712/06/17% Change This column shows the percent (%) change since the previous day
    ST PIERRE & MIQUELONFrancFRF5.5404495.552873+0.2242%
    ST PIERRE & MIQUELONEuroEUR0.8446360.846530+0.2242%
    U.S. MINOR OUTLAYING ISL.DollarUSD1.0000001.0000000.0000%-
    UNITED STATESDollarUSD1.0000001.0000000.0000%-
    Last Updated: Wed, 12-06-2017 13:08 (+5 GMT)
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