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Non-Competitive Data Feed Use

Millions of people view and use currency exchange rates every day, and tens of thousands of companies use actual or derived exchange rates in their custom software, intranets, extranets, and web sites. Primarily, these companies are using these rates in various currency pairs to determine the value and prices of their assets, products, services, expenses or other transactions in terms of other currencies. We are assuming that you are one of those companies., is one of a few corporations that uses specialized research, financial relationships, and sophisticated software to determine accurate currency exchange rates on a daily basis. is a publisher of currency exchange rates, and our rates are copyrighted, as are the rates of our legitimate competitors.

As a service, we also provide these rates in many formats that can easily be integrated into a company's software for a fee. However, our data feeds can also be extracted and put onto web sites or provided as services that compete with us. Such individuals and companies that attempt to do this are forgoing all of the capital, work, and expenses required to offer such services. Although some companies are not intending to compete with us, inadvertently they are, if some simple guidelines and requirements are not followed.

Below are some examples that are restricted and what considers to be competitive, and an infringement on our copyrighted material.

  1. You are not permitted to display a table or list of currencies compared to One U.S. Dollar or One of any other currency. This is because that will be competing with This is considered republishing the rates in a format that anyone from anywhere can download, resell, or use to build a web site like
  2. You are not permitted to display in the form of a table or list, the price of a product that is valued at One U.S. Dollar or One of any currency compared to other currencies. This is effectively the same as the restriction above.
  3. You are not permitted to build a currency converter or currency calculator that uses currencies in your data feed that allows users to manually convert currencies on your web site. This is considered making a currency converter available to the general public for use, and thus competing with our currency converter products. If you wish to have a currency converter, offers a currency converter as a product.
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