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Exchange Rate The Valley

Use the currency converter below to calculate the current exchange rate for the city of The Valley. The currency used in The Valley is the East Caribbean Dollar. The Valley is the capital of Anguilla.

If you are traveling to The Valley, you will need to exchange your currency for the Anguillian E.C. Dollar. You may exchange your money for the East Caribbean Dollar at most The Valley banks or at specialized stores called Foreign Exchange Bureaus. Look for signs that say Bureau De Change, Geld Wechseln or Cambio. You may be able to exchange your money at the The Valley airport, but exchange rates may not be the best. You should consider purchasing the East Caribbean Dollar currency at a more favorable exchange rate before you arrive in The Valley. You can do that by researching online currency brokers that do foreign exchange. If on holiday, vacation, or business you can also inquire about purchasing travellers checks (Travellers Cheques). Also, before your trip, consult with your credit or debit card bank about the foreign exchange transaction fees charged for using your card in The Valley, Anguilla.

The Valley Currency Converter, East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) 


Photo of the city of The Valley

About The Valley

The Valley is the capital of Anguilla and the main "town" on the island. As of 2001, it has a population of 1,169.

The Valley has few examples of colonial architecture due to the relocation of Anguilla's administration to St. Kitts in 1825, though Wallblake House, built in 1787, still stands and is used as a rectory by the adjacent church. New shops have opened in new buildings and renovated West Indian-style cottages. Old shops have been modernized and have enlarged their stocks as well as their space.

The ruins of the Old Court House are located on Crocus Hill, the island's highest point. All that remains are the broken walls of a few basement jail cells. At Cross Roads at the western edge of The Valley is Wallblake House, a plantation home built around 1787 that is now owned by the Catholic Church (the parish priest lives there) and St. Gerard's Catholic Church, with its highly original facade of pebbles, stones, cement, wood and tile.

The Valley is served by Anguilla Wallblake Airport (IATA: AXA, ICAO: TQPF) with some international flights.

The Valley has a tropical wet and dry climate under the Koppen climate classification. The area has a short dry season that covers the months of February and April, and a wet season that covers the remainder of the year. However the wet season, though lengthy, does not quite see the heavy precipitation that is commonplace in other Caribbean cities such as Santo Domingo and San Juan. Average temperatures in The Valley are relatively constant throughout the year, ranging from 26-29 degrees Celsius.

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