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Tugrik Coin Tugrik Banknote

The tögrög or tugrik (Mongolian: төгрөг, tögrög) (sign: ₮; code: MNT) is the official currency of Mongolia. It was historically subdivided into 100 möngö (мөнгө). Currently the lowest denomination in regular use is the 10-tögrög note and the highest is the 20,000-tögrög note. Currency sign is U+20AE ₮​ tugrik sign.

The tögrög was introduced on December 9, 1925 at a value equal to one Soviet ruble, where one ruble or tögrög was equal to 18 grams (0.58 ozt) of silver. It replaced the Mongolian dollar and other currencies and became the sole legal currency on April 1, 1928.

Möngö coins are not in circulation as currency any longer, as they are of negligible value. They are sold to tourists and as novelties and collectibles now.

During socialism, the tögrög coin denominations were 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 möngö, and 1 tögrög. After the Mongolian People's Republic came to an end in 1990 and inflation surged, the möngö coins were abandoned and larger tögrög values introduced.

Like coins the tögrög banknotes were very similar to the Soviet ruble during the Mongolian People's Republic era. The similarities included color theme, overall design, and the lineup of the denominations, which were 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 tögrög unless stated otherwise. The color for each value is

* 1 tögrög: brown
* 2 tögrög: green
* 5 tögrög: blue
* 10 tögrög: green
* 20 tögrög: red
* 25 tögrög: lilac
* 50 tögrög: green
* 100 tögrög: brown

They were all printed in the Soviet Union. But modern togrogs are usually printed in Great Britain.

1. Images shown are the earliest variations of each value 2. Issued dates are listed for up to 2003. It is known that there is a 2005 edition of 10 tögrög, but it is yet unclear whether or not it was the only value for the 2005 edition.
3. Lower value notes (10 ~ 500 tögrög) issued in 2000 and after have line-patterned color underprint on the entire note, where the previous edition had near-white solid color. But one exception to the rule is the 2000 edition of 500 tögrög.
4. High value notes (500 ~ 10,000 tögrög) issued in 2002 and after have a patch on the lower right hand side of obverse as an improved anti-counterfeit device, which was previously only available on the two highest values. The new patch is also more sophisticated than the ones in the 1990s. The two highest values also have their Soyombo symbol upgraded to a hologram.

Purchasing power

* 5 tögrög: a piece of candy is used to make change of 5Tg
* 10 tögrög: a couple pieces of candy
* 100 tögrög: a ride across town on a trolleybus in Ulaanbaatar
* 200 tögrög: a ride across town on a regular bus in Ulaanbaatar
* 250 tögrög: a 250 ml bottle of coke from a supermarket
* 400 tögrög: average price of a bottle of water
* 700 tögrög: the cheapest meal at a tsainii gazar, or small restaurant
* 1500 tögrög: Average price of a pack of cigarettes
* 3000 tögrög: About what you pay for a Taxi ride across city center
* 10,000 tögrög a lodging at a tourist hostel in Ulaanbaatar

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