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Data Topics & Statistical Answers

Easily find answers to some very common statistical topics for countries from around the world. The information collected has been obtained from the CIA and other government agencies.

Birth Rate
Central Bank Discount Rate
Commercial Bank Prime Lending Rate
Current Account Balance
Death Rate
Debt - External
Distribution Of Family Income
Education Expenditures
Electricity Consumption
Electricity Production
GDP Per Capita (PPP)
GDP Real Growth Rate
HIV/AIDS - Adult Prevalence Rate
Industrial Production Growth Rate
Infant Mortality Rate
Inflation Rate (Consumer Prices)
Internet Hosts
Internet Users
Investment (Gross Fixed)
Labor Force
Life Expectancy at Birth
Market Value of Publicly Traded Shares
Merchant Marine
Military Expenditures
Natural Gas - Consumption
Natural Gas - Proved Reserves
Natural Gas Production
Natural Gas - Exports
Net Migration Rate
No. of HIV/AIDS Deaths
No. of people living with HIV/AIDS
Oil Exports
Oil Imports
Oil Production
Oil - Proved Reserves
Population Growth Rate
Public Debt
Reserves of Foreign Exchange and Gold
Stock of Direct Foreign Investment Abroad
Stock of Direct Foreign Investment at Home
Stock of Domestic Credit
Stock of Money
Stock of Quasi Money
Telephone Main Lines in Use
Telephone Mobile Cellular
Total Area
Total Fertility Rate

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