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Data Feed services are available to companies and web sites that do not republish, resell, or use the rates in a way that competes with For examples, please read our Non-Competitive Data Feed Use document.

Exchange Rate Data Feed Pricing Schedule

Number of Currencies
You Would Like To
Number of Visitors/Users Per Month for your
Application, Website, Extranet, or Intranet *
Up To 500 Up To 2000 Up To 5000 Up To 12000 Over 12000
Up To 10 $15 $30 $40 $55 Call
Up To 20 $20 $35 $45 $60 Call
Up To 30 $25 $40 $50 $65 Call
Up To 50 $30 $45 $55 $70 Call
Unlimited $35 $50 $60 $75 Call
Order Currency Data Feed

Please read our Unique Users/Visitors Definition & Examples document to determine how many Monthly Unique Users/Visitors will be accessing information derived from your exchange rate data feed. Pricing for exchange rate data feeds is listed below. Monthly Fees are based on the number of Unique Users/Visitors and the number of currencies in your data feed.

Currency pairs data feeds are available in xml, flat file, and csv formats. Your data feed is available via the web through a custom "Data Feed URL" that will be issued to you once your account is setup. To download your account's data feed file, you can type the URL in your web browser or you can schedule your server software to automatically download it for you. Daily rates are typically updated daily between 12:30PM - 1:00PM US Eastern Standard Time (except on weekends and on certain holidays).

The data feed contract duration is 1 year, paid in advance. Payments can be made via Check, PayPal, or Credit Card. Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars.

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